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Release Stress, Tension & Pain with Shiatsu Shane

Shiatsu Shane Combining East & Western Techniques in a unique way to help balance your body & mind to ease your aches & Pains.

Shiatsu Shane

I have Been Studying the human body and different forms of massage for over 20 years, I specialized in shiatsu but I continue to study many forms of body work and blend them into my sessions in order to get you the best results.

I have worked for over 10 years full time in my own clinic and have become the local ‘go to guy’ for back pain, sciatica, shoulder issues and many more. I have had the fortune to work with hundreds of clients from various backgrounds including many professional sports men and women.

Shiatsu Benefits

Why Book A session with Shiatsu Shane?

Reduce Pain

Combing Stretching, deep tissue massage and pressure point work to ease pain

Increase Mobility

Shiatsu combines stretching and joint mobilization to increase range of movement and help reduce pain

Improve Recovery Time

Manual therapy such as shiatsu and massage has been shown to speed up recovery after a injury.

Reduce Stress & Tension

Shiatsu is a powerful technique that’s been shown to reduce stress and tension that can lead to pain being held in the body

Aides Sleep

Shiatsu and the power of touch has been shown to release feel good hormones which in turn help you sleep better

Balances Mind and body

Shiatsu uses pressure points to balance energy within the body helping to create balance and improve health

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