Hi let me introduce my self I’m Shane known locally as Shiatsu Shane, the reason for this is I specialise in a type of body work called shiatsu over the years I have developed my own unique style of shiatsu and around 2015 coined the phrase “sports shiatsu”

Now I guess you could say my route to shiatsu began officially around the age of 15 after reading a book by a man called manktak chia, this lead me onto study Taoism. But you could argue I began years before then as even though I’m not a natural athlete and although I was never bothered about certain sports I was fascinated with how the body worked and moved… and why against the advice of my P.E teacher I studied P.E at GSCE even though I was rubbish at most sports.

Now after college I travelled to Switzerland to live and work in health centre this didn’t go to plan so I headed back to England where I began studying a degree in complentary therapies. This included Shiatsu, sports massage, Swedish massage among others also a lot of theory such as traditional Chinese medicine, sports performance, anatomy, movement ect.

After university I was a bit lost in the direction I wished to choose so took a “temp” job in a shop and well the years rolled on by.

When my son was born in 2008 I decided to go back to shiatsu and as I felt I’d forgotten as much as I can remember I signed up to a 3 years course with the northern school of shiatsu.

In my 3rd year I decided to risk it all and go self employed, Since then I have gone from strength to strength working hard to build my clinic and my reputation but also to continually learn and improve myself. Since my training I have also studied in depth the fascia system, advanced soft tissue techniques advanced sports therapy techniques and I continue to study at every opportunity.  It is from this study that I have applied these theories and techniques to my shiatsu and created “sports shiatsu”

Around 2014 I partned up with local boxing club fighting fit and after working on the coaching and management teams I soon began working along side both amateur and professional boxers, both up and coming and retired old warriors. I have helped out commonwealth champion Liam Cameron during his fight camp to win that title. And I’m currently working along side rising stars Kyle fox and mark Bennett who are both climbing the professional rankings. I also work with a couple of lads from Team GB and the England squad including 2x national champion and silver GB medallist Marcus Ellis.

However it not just boxers that come to me I have a wide range of clients both sporty and not…. from pro rugby players to teaches, from football players to hairdressers, from doctors to dancers, from Ice hockey coaches to accountants whatever you background I’m always happy to help.

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