Shiatsu Shane a specialist massage therapist specialising in shiatsu massage. Based in dinnington South Yorkshire between Sheffield, Worksop and Rotherham and only a 5minute from the M1, just off Junction 31. ☯Shiatsu can be very difficult to explain as it has become more of an umbrella term very much like the term body work or massage. And therefore can mean different things to different therapists so instead I’ll try explain what it is if you come to me. ☯Shiatsu can involve both soft tissue work and also deep tissue work. ☯Shiatsu is traditional done on a futon on the floor, but can be done on a table or a chair I prefer to work on a table. ☯Shiatsu works on the traditional lines used in acupuncture but also work on the fascia channels I believe these to be one and the same. ☯Shiatsu involves lots of stretches and rotations, to stretch out the muscles fascia and meridians. ☯shiatsu with me involves the use of various pressure points incorporated into the session as I work. ☯️ a session can have a more Zen style approach focusing on energy or a more sports style shiatsu, which is what I’m more known for after coining the expression sports shiatsu. ☯Shiatsu is usually done fully clothed, and as such I ask everyone to wear flexible clothing, however sometimes direct work on the skin is needed such as for soft tissue work and or cupping. ☯Shiatsu helps to –
  • Increase range of movement
  • Decrease pain
  • Soften muscle tissue
  • Increase tone of muscle
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Relax body and mind
  • Increase rate of recovery
  • Release tight muscles and fascia
  • Get the energy moving
  • Improve overall health
☯️And therefore a lot of people come to me suffering
  • Bad backs
  • Sciatica
  • Lower back pain
  • Pain between shoulders
  • Sports injuries
  • General aches and pains
  • Neck pain
  • Fibromyalgia
☯️To mention a few but not restricted to them also over the years ladies have come for support during pregnancy. People have come for a vast array of problems such as anxiety depression and insomnia.
It was my first time having a treatment in the UK, as I used to have regularly once a months at least,in the places I lived,to rebalance posture,muscles and endocrine system. I was suspicious as is not easy to find experts, but Shane has a really good experience and knowledge. I do really recommend him. 1
Giuliano Fontanelli
Animation Director
Really positive! Had used Shiatsu many many year ago and this was a far more positive experience. Shane clearly knows what he's talking about and can adapt his approach to suit your needs. Can honestly say this approach to physical well being really is effective, professional and well worth a try!
Carl White