What Is Shiatsu? What is shiatsu? well that’s a very good question and one that even shiatsu therapists struggle to answer clearly…  Shiatsu Translates simply as “finger pressure” but that’s not very accurate I personally rarely use my fingers but I do use my thumbs a lot, and the palms of my hands along with my knuckles and elbow.  You may hear people refer to it as acupuncture without needles the reason for this just as with acupressure we work pressure points just as acupuncturists do. But unlike acupressure or acupuncture we also work along the meridian (Energy lines).  My clients refer to it asRead More →

How I Became a ASMR Youtuber with 150k Subscribers 150 thousand subscribers! Imagine that like an entire town following me! But How did that even happen?  So it was around the start of 2019 and I was watching a technique video by Eric Dalton probably one of the worlds most famous massage therapists when a video popped up saying watch next… I clicked out of curiosity as it had been watched over 50 million times! Now what struck me was that it wasn’t a educational video like the massage videos I tend to watch but was done in silence… I asked my son why doRead More →