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To talk or not to talk? – ☯️When I first began my journey as a full time therapist I believed that during a session I had to keep my mouth shut so my clients would relax. – ☯️That changed when I started working on my friend…. Soon as my hand would connect with him, he wouldn't shut up. We would talk about anything and everything, we would talk of girls beer and well mostly girls. – ☯️I asked him one day wouldn't he be more relaxed if he was quiet, he looked at me "(insert knickname) and said all week he talks about things other people talk about,and that relaxes me. this was his time to talk about what he wanted and that was mostly (pots).🤣. – ☯️So other the years I've changed and what you find now is that I don't shut up, I chat with my clients they share their life's with me and mine with them, we have banter together, we may even cry together but mostly it's laughing but if you choose to be quite I respect that…. just as I at times go quite if I'm focusing on the Qi. – ☯️To clients how do you like yours? A chat and a laugh? Or quite and peaceful? – ☯️Therapists do you chatter or keep your mouth zipped? – – – 📸 @tierneyphoto 🕺 @teamfox_boxing

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