About Shiatsu Shane


Shiatsu Shane my brief story

I began my Shiatsu training in early 2000 when I began studying a degree in complementary therapies at Bradford college. During my studies here we covered a wide range of subjects including

Swedish massage

Sports massage

Lymphatic massage

History of western medicine

Antony and physiology


To name a few

But more excitingly to me traditional Chinese medicine and Shiatsu

I was instantly drawn to Shiatsu this was my destiny I knew this at 18 it seemed so natural to me so perfect. The beautiful aspect of Shiatsu is that it’s more of an art form than just a therapy.

And not only that but Shiatsu is not restricted to a certain structure in fact as you learn new techniques and styles you can interweave these into your style.

However after college there didn’t seem much call for me as a therapist so I settled into a regular job doing shop work.

Fast forward a few years and after the birth of my son I decided to begin the journey back to been a Shiatsu therapist.

I contacted the northern school of Shiatsu and after discussing my options decided to start again and do a 3 year course in Shiatsu on completion I instantly went selfemployed.

Since then I have moved to north Anston and in the couple of years of been in this friendly village have quickly built a very good reputation as a Shiatsu therapist, working with a wide spectrum of clients.