Prices And Bookings

I try to keep my prices standard to time and fair for everyone

So regardless of what you book whether you want

Zen style futon based relaxing shiatsu?


Or a more Sports style Shiatsu?


Or Maybe try Cupping?



Or maybe you would like to sample my sweedish infused shiatsu with a little oil or wax directly on your skin?


Or maybe you want to leave it upto me to decide what can of treatment you will benefit from the most?


I only charge for my time which is

£35 for an hour session during standard working hours

£45 hr out of normal working hours.

First session will always start with a consultation this will last anywhere between 10-30 mins followed by 45-55 mins on either the table of futon.

Please also come suitable dressed ideally loose fitting flexible clothing. Such as sports gear, leggings, shorts, vests, t-shirt just no denim or button shirts please.

I also offer shorter sessions or even longer ones which price can be discussed,

And because I like to be really fair I offer discounted block booking

Special offer 3 sessions for just £87*

*during normal working hours

My normal working hours are

Monday 9am – 3 pm &  5-8pm

Tuesday 1pm – 8pm

Wednesday 9am – 3pm

Thursday 9am – 3pm & 5-8pm

Friday 9am – 3pm

All times outside of this are not standard times and can only be booked in emergency or special request but will be charged at £45 a session. Example weekends are not normal working hours but you can book a Saturday session at £45.

Want to know more or book?

Either use the contact form below or call or text me 07745766225



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