Rising like a phoenix

As many of you are aware I and along with the girls I worked with suffered a bit of a setback. The building which I was based “Headkandi” was burned down. It’s believed it was arson and is still under going investigation so can’t speak too much about it. Over the 2 years I have worked there it had become my base, my sanctuary to do shiatsu from which I felt very much at home.

I remember on the sunday morning of the fire Kim the owner of Headkandi ringing me to tell me it had been burned down she was very emotional I headed immediately down to see the devastation for myself, I was shocked appalled and numb at what I saw .The building was blackened the windows all smashed, there appeared to be nothing left. I sat for some time in the car in utter shock,  by the time I got home reality was setting in its a matter of weeks before Christmas I have no where to work from no way to earn money Christmas would be ruined not for just me and my family but also for Kim and all the girls I work with.

But by time I’d got home had a good old cup of tea something interesting happened suzan from  blossom tree(a nearby beauty business) had messaged me to offer me one of her rooms I could use for 3 days a week as a temporary base. This was fantastic news, but not only this over the next couple of days offers came flooding in from all over the village from people I didn’t even before I knew it I had 4 or 5 offers on the table.


A couple of days later I met up with all the girls to look at a salon  for us all to move into, ideally I was hoping it would be big enough for us all so we could stick together after all I’d worked with these girls for the past 2 years and consider them my friends and wanted to stay with them. Sadly the treatment room was small and was bang next door to the salon meaning it would be very loud. However it would do for the girls I was faced with a tough decision.

The next day I had arranged a meeting with a local business man who had an idea for me, in his building there was a flat that he used as a crash pad for his trainee barbers from Sheffield.  He offered to rip the flat apart and  build me a treatment room which meant ripping out a kitchen, building a false wall so I have a waiting room. It got  replasted and painted, followed by installing new lighting and a nice thick carpet.

How could I say no?

This would be perfect a nice new clean treatment room built for me. So I signed the contract and with 2 weeks he had it ripped out and rebuilt for me, my very own cosy warm and quiet shiatsu clinic.Screenshot_20161218-090005

As you can see its a beautiful treatment room, I’ve been here a few months now and can see how this is ultimately going to be the making of me, the room is far superior to any treatment room I have previously had, it is warm calm and inviting. And I hope to see you soon both clients new and old.

Kyo & Jitsu within the element?

A few years ago when I was training one weekend with a well known teacher I was doing a hara diagnosis on him to which he asked the results. I was a little confused and said I must be wrong as I had felt both Kyo and jitsu within the same element.

Let me explain when we do a hara diagnosis we feel with our hands around the belly region known as the hara for energetic imbalances within diagnostic areas. This then helps us form a treatment plan, normally working the meridian with the least energy (kyo) before moving to the meridian with the most energy (jitsu).Screenshot_2016-04-23-09-21-48-1

Now each element has 2 meridians except fire which has 4, and we had been taught both by teachers and what is written in books that you simply do not get the extreme imbalance within an element.  However here I am faced with this imbalance I apologised said I must be wrong I’ve got BL – Kyo & KD – Jitsu?


But to my surprise he said why can’t this be possible?

I had no answer

A couple of weeks went by and I decided to email and ask him his thoughts, this was a little daunting as he is a very experienced teacher a very well educated man and I guess I was afraid and a little intemidated by this man but figured well I’m awesome and better looking.


To my surprise he answered, and his answer blow my mind please read below, since then I hope we have become friends either that or I’m like a bee constantly buzzing around his head sending annoying questions.

So here’s his response give it up for David Home one of my mentors, friends and current head of the Shiatsu Society.

David Home  4/23/2016 ©

Can there be a manifest kyo jitsu interrelationship within a single Element?

The reflections below may not completely answer the question to the satisfaction of all, however, I anticipate they can at least be approached with an open mind, even if they are not necessarily in accord with personal views, as I believe they have a certain value, and I hope will at least stimulate further investigation, contemplation and debate.

When considering an Element it must naturally be remembered that they are not in isolation and when one is out of balance then the ripples reverberate around the circle, or through the cosmological relationship. When examining an Element it is also important to remember that not only is there a yin and yang relationship within them, but that within the yin there is also yang and within the yang there is also yin, and that this sub-division can go on ad infinitum, and, in addition, the skin between them is like an osmotic membrane i.e. the fluids on either side of the membrane may be equal but there is a constant inter-change of molecules, echoing the relationship between yin and yang. Whether balanced or not the relationship is one of exchange and transformation, alive! Could there therefore be an imbalance between yin and yang within an Element? In fact, you might ask is there inevitably an imbalance so that dynamic change occurs, and transformation and development can occur? You could expand the often quoted, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’ by adding, ‘ in order to take the first step it is necessary to lose one’s balance’. Imbalance initiates change, even if it is simply triggered by intention, a state of imbalanced must be passed through.

If this is the case, does this imply there could be an imbalance between associated organs such as Lung and Large Intestine, or Kidney and Bladder etc., and therefore could there also be a relative kyo jitsu disharmony between them as the energies oscillate, and could this sometimes be felt? When palpating down a particular meridian it is not unusual for it to be mentioned that relative kyo and jitsu can be found along the course of the channel, so might this be an echo of possible disharmony with the yin-within-yang and yang-within-yin relationships that exist on all levels, or at least a channel manifestation of the flux underlying the dynamic interplay?

As there are potentially many degrees of kyo and jitsu to be felt, it could be argued that some of these might reside within the same Element, and when palpated a reaction, or energetic rebalancing may take place. This could also happen relatively quickly, and not be overly manifest or overstated due to the closeness of the yin and yang within the Element, which would make it hard to feel; however, this does not signify that the disharmony does not exist. It might be most frequently noticeable in Earth, for example, as Stomach and Spleen are somewhat uncomfortable bedfellows energetically; Stomach descends, tends to overheat and require cooling, while Spleen ascends, feels cold and requires warming regularly etc., and the sense of a kyo jitsu style imbalance may be felt more readily here. All of this suggests that a kyo jitsu relationship can exist in a single Element; although it is unlikely that it would be the most kyo and most jitsu. Therefore, if diagnosis were to be based on this kind of energetic assessment then it might be possible to consider it extremely unlikely to exist within the same Element. However, if diagnosis is to be based on a kyo jitsu reaction that is most evident to the connecting energetic field of the practitioner then it might possibly be felt in a single Element.

This interrelationship of yin and yang may be considered further and become more complex when, for example, looked at from a perspective of one of the concepts in stems and branches where the yin of the Metal might be regarded to support the yang of Water and the yang of Metal to support the yin of Water and so on round the circle, thus creating an interwoven Shen or promotion cycle similar to a double helix, mimicking DNA. This can be seen, for example, when the dynamic courage of G.B., yang Wood, supports and promotes the positive expression of Heart, Yin Fire, and the strategies of master planner Liver, Yin Wood, supports the pure from impure selection processing of S.I., Yang Fire. Or another example, when in grief the collapsing Lung, Yin Metal, weakens and undermines the ability to stand with backbone, Bladder, Yang Water, and prevents seeing/connecting to the outside world (Bl 1= Bright Eyes), while the inability to de-attach, let go and move on, L.I., Yang Metal, erodes the Kidney, Yin Water, exacerbating fear of loss.

The universe of existence is always one of a combination of yin and yang because by definition, if they are separate there is death or dissolving into the void of potential in order to become something new i.e. moving beyond existence to return at a different point in the cycle, in a different form. Energy is therefore not lost, it is transformed; just as kyo and jitsu are transformed, but one might ask, into what?


Shiatsu Photoshoot


My 2nd Photoshoot

Just over 18 months ago I first did a photoshoot with a well known local photographer so I had my own images to use on social media and any print advertising.

For months I’ve been trying to get around to organising a photoshoot so I had some fresh new pictures, and for one reason or another it’s not come off. All of a sudden I manage to pull together 2 photoshoots in 6 days, 2 different models showing get two very different styles of shiatsu.


The first one was done with a local endurance athlete who has competed in many iron man competition’s,  marathons and cycling events. She has been a client of mine for well over a year who uses me to help maintain and fine tune her body.



The photoshoot was excellent and a good bit of fun, my son came with me so he acted as assistant photographer and took behind the scenes footage, which were incredible and I warned Mark the photographer he should watch out as he might have some competition. Although since he’s only 7 he should be okay for now.


These photos were great to show a more physical yang based treatment which  I normally give to fellow athletes such as boxers, MMA fighters, Pro Basketball players, Rugby Players to name just a few. These Sports style Shiatsu treatments are a variety of shiatsu I’ve become very well know for due to their excellent results.

The following week I had the opportunity to work on another client who has been a regular  for a long time, and even though she is also an athlete this photo session was very different as she is 9 months pregnant.


This photoshoot sadly didn’t have my assistant photographer so I had to make do with just the professional. With the shoot we wanted to show the softer Yin side of a shiatsu so a more traditional Zen style  which incorporated softer but more supportive work.


This is an ideal treatment for a pregnant lady or anyone who maybe in a more delicate place so is ideal to help those with  depression anxiety or insomnia, in these treatments we still have an awareness of the muscles however we focus more on the Ki, the meridians we want to connect with the energy and help support then to make it as relaxing as possible.



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Shiatsu Massage? Ask the Doctor

indexHere in my clinic in Dinnington i treat a wide range or people with a wide range of reasons to come and see me. Some people want a massage to help with some back pain some people come for more emotional problems, and every now and then someone asks what the NHS thinks to what i do… well firstly let me say a lot of doctors and nurses love to come for shiatsu massages to both relax them and ease there pain, but lets hear it from the doctor… heres an interview with celebrity TV Doctor Hilary Jones on his thoughts on Shiatsu Massage.

What is Shiatsu?

Dr Hilary – Shiatsu is a physical therapy which originated maybe 2,000 years ago in Japan and incorporated some of the more modern physical techniques such as chiropractic and osteopathy and is now practiced by about 2,000 practitioners in Britain and it’s applications would include things like anxiety and depression, low back pain, digestive complaints, even cancer, aids and substance abuse would benefit from it and indeed it is being used by some NHS Trusts now.

Interviewer – You’re making the claim though that it helps to relieve symptoms of what are serious medical conditions. You mentioned HIV and Aids. How would it do that?  What is Shiatsu?  It’s not drugs. What actually happens to you?

Dr Hilary – What it [Shiatsu] means is finger pressure, but the therapist would also use thumbs, elbows, sometimes knees and feet to manipulate the other person’s body and release tensions, release pressures is strange to me. Do we know how it works, do we know how hypnosis works, and do we know how counselling works. The fact is, people feel a whole lot better. Now the Practitioner of Shiatsu would say the body is divided into 12 flow channels called Meridians. And there is a flow of energy around these meridians all the time. Sometimes the flow of energy becomes blocked and that leads to symptoms in the body. By applying pressure to these meridians it releases the blockages.
Now whether you accept that explanation or not there is no doubt that people feel a great deal better.
I think it means a great deal if it improves the quality of life for how ever long they have i

Shiatsu and Stress

Interviewer – Firstly, you are going to talk to us about stress and certainly the problems. I would imagine in the modern world it’s probably one of, if not the most fastest moving, growing complaint of all times.  I should think it’s certainly something we’ve all been affected with – stress.

Dr Hilary – The 21st century disease stress, can be encumbering, some degree of stress is good, it keeps us motivated. It gives us a buzz and helps us through the day. But in people who are over stressed our performance drops off, we feel anxious, irritable, we get road rage, we fight with the family. It’s a horrible place to be and there’s not many ways of coping with stress, or findings ways too if it’s got on top of us. I don’t like the idea of just dishing out pills, sedatives, and tranquillisers, anti depressants. Counselling is one thing but also that’s difficult to get and very time consuming and Physical Touch Therapy. We’re a very Victorian society still in terms of saying “I’m embarrassed if you touch me”. But I think massage that is appropriate, that is given by someone who is trained to find places in the body that are tense and knotted, – gives people relaxation and is a very welcome thing.  We should embrace it. It’s involved in many complementary therapies and Shiatsu is one of them.

Dr Hilary – Yes, there’s absolutely too much stress. It certainly gets in the way and makes people feel miserable. Very much a 21st century condition but of course you need some stress to gear you up to motivate you, to get you going and to get you to perform. But too much stress, excessive stress causes road rage, heart attacks, peptic ulcers, you name it. So dealing with stress, handling it in the right way is really important.

Interviewer – Is it the biggest killer stress?

Dr Hilary – To some extent yes. I think it can also be over exaggerated. But I think the important thing with stress is that if there is undue stress which you can’t cope with, it makes you anxious, it makes you suffer from insomnia, it can exasperate aches and pains, it can make you feel absolutely miserable. So if that is the situation then stress definitely is one of the biggest killers and misery makers in our society today.

Interviewer – And Shiatsu is what we’re talking about today because of Shiatsu week. What exactly is Shiatsu?

Dr Hilary – It’s being used in this country for the treatment of various conditions including anxiety and stress and also back pain, neck pain, insomnia, cerebral palsy, and for stroke victims. It’s even being used in centres for the treatment of cancer and HIV. So it can have very far-reaching applications.

Dr Hilary – Well when people are anxious and irritable and depressed, I say to them look this isn’t abnormal this is common and you know you’ve explored some of the other ways of dealing with these things, have you thought about a manipulative, physical treatment such as acupuncture, chiropractic, Shiatsu.

Interviewer – And finally Dr Hilary. I suppose you lose nothing by trying things if you go into them with an open mind.

Dr Hilary – If you try something and it works for you, if you find it effective and relaxing, I think it’s good to open your mind and many people who have closed minds go along and try these things and say “Wow”, I couldn’t believe I felt so relaxed and my pain is better and I will definitely do that again.

Dr Hilary – I have known hundreds of people going for Shiatsu, myself included, and end up feeling very relaxed, very well in a spiritual health and free of muscle and joint pains which we might get from the sport that we play


Shiatsu and the NHS

Interviewer – You just mentioned conventional medicine.  How does the NHS regard Shiatsu?

Dr Hilary – Well we’re accepting more and more.  We’ve already accepted and embraced it in other therapies like yoga, like meditation, reflexology, acupuncture.  These are used in most hospitals now in physiotherapy, on cancer wards and in coronary care units for example.  Shiatsu is an example of physiotherapy a physical therapy that we could use more in NHS hospitals

Dr Hilary –  In fact it [Shiatsu] has got a good application for people with addiction and substance abuse.  By making them feel more relaxed and more in tune with their psychological and spiritual health, it’s also a very good help to counselling and helping them to steer away from what is doing them so much harm.


Shiatsu in the UK

Interviewer – And how long has Shiatsu been in the UK?

Dr Hilary – It’s been in the UK since the 70’s.  The Shiatsu Society was formally set up in 1981, and since then it’s gone from strength to strength.  There are about 2,000 practitioners now all of who have a 3-year training, and they have a diploma.  If you’re going to somebody you want to make sure that they are registered with the Shiatsu Society, who will give you somebody whose local to you.   And by going to somebody who’s registered, you know that they have a code of practice and ethics and have insurance and will look after you.

To Book your Shiatsu Massage contact Shiastu Shane on 07745766225 based in Dinnington South Yorkshire

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What Is Shiatsu Sports Massage?

What is a Shiatsu Sports Massage?

shiatsu stretch

A Shiatsu Sports Massage has i believe been coined by me, but dont hold me on that there maybe other shiatsu therapist already doing this.

A Shiatsu Sports massage does what it says on the tin, it combines Shiatsu and sports massage techniques to give the client a truly unique experience and help your body repair and rebuild following either injury or intense training.

A Shiatsu Sports massage just like shiatsu is usually done fully clothed, but performed on a massage table. Usually no oil or lotions are used only if really needed.

A Shiatsu Massage combines various elements to provide you with the best possible results including-

Soft tissue manipulation

Deep tissue Massage

Trigger point therapy

Manipulation of pressure points

Joint mobilization

Myofascial Release Techniques

Soft tissue stretching

Meridian re-balancing

To Name a few, all of these techniques will be used within your treatment to make sure you have the fastest possible recovery time. If you like deep pressure and love to be stretched and pulled about this is the massage for you.


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What Is Zen Shiatsu?

Here in my clinic in Dinnington, Sheffield i treat a lot of people with Zen Shiatsu Massage, But 99.9% of the time most people have no idea what Shiatsu is, and why should they Shiatsu isn’t very Yorkshire is it duck?


I often find and so do many therapists shiatsu a difficult thing to really explain. And often find myself saying imagine combining the knowledge of acupuncture with the bestest massage you’ve ever had and well thats kinda what shiatsu is……But its So much More!!!!!

Now Zen Shiatsu again is slightly different from the original Shiatsu of Japan but its more than likely if you book a Shiatsu in the West it will be a Zen Shiatsu.

In Zen Shiatsu we normally start with a Hara diagnosis – this involves palpating around the stomach feeling for the energy underneath to get a diagnosis. We are looking to find the 2  meridians ( energetic pathways-think internal wiring) most out of balance so the one with the least energy in then the one with the most energy in.

We the gently work these meridians which could involve working the back,legs,stomach,arms or head. Focusing on gently encouraging the energy to flow where it is needed.

shiatsu stretch

We use a variety of techniques to achieve this from gentle deep stretches, joint mobilization techniques, gentle localized massage, and lots of gentle but deep static pressure to both the meridians and the pressure points running along them.

This form of massage is very gentle, very relaxing working on every level most clients feel like there floating or dip in and out of sleep.

This kind of massage is ideal for anyone who wants a gentle relaxing massage that also loves stretches. I find it particular helpful for those suffering depression, insomnia and stress.






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Why is a Shiatsu massage Done on the floor?

Some may find it odd that a Shiatsu massage is done on a futon on the floor.

However the belief is that working on the floor and the lower our base the more we connect to the earth, and that by connecting to the earth but keeping our upper body open we also connect with the heavens thus connecting with yin and yang while giving a treatment.

Or it could be that………………………Back in the day no-one had invented a massage table.

I personally like to mix it up and switch between the table and futon depends on both the clients preference and what kind of session im going for.

For example the pros of working on the futon allow for greater focus on the clients Ki and connection with the pressure points. It also lends for some unique stretches..

The Futon is great for clients who’s focus is energy and have come with help for insomnia, depression or deep relaxation.

The table is great to use as it allows a person to keep the spine  aligned (facehole) . I find this is a great way to work for more sports style orientated sessions, when the focus is more on the muscles and joints and relieving tight muscles.

We each have a preference on receiving our massage either table or futon which do you prefer?




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Shiatsu Shane Specialist Massage Therapist

Welcome im Shiatsu Shane, a specialist massage therapist based in Dinnington south Yorkshire. With easy access to Sheffield, Rotherham and Worksop.

Shiatsu Is a traditional Japanese massage sometimes referred to as “acupuncture without needles”

Personally I like to think of it as a cross between acupuncture and sports massage.

A Shiatsu can be a DEEP tissue massage going as one client said to me “as deep as my bones” yet gentle and soft.

Shiatsu Is traditionally Done on a futon on the floor however can also be done on a massage table or massage chair.

Shiatsu is normally done fully clothed, so is ideal if you do not feel comfortable in just a towel but still want the benefits of a massage.

Shiatsu works by combining ancient knowledge of traditional chinese medicine and the latest scientific knowledge of the human body.

Shiatsu Involves both working with energy (chi or ki) via acupoints and meridians and the physical manipulation of muscles and joints.

A Shiatsu Massage involves a lot of stretches so if you ever feel like your body needs to be “put on a rack for a good stretch” shiatsu will be perfect.

Shiatsu is incredibly relaxing and its common to drift off into another world or slip into a nice sleep.

And most importantly Shiatsu is adapted for you, for your needs wether you need a very gentle relaxing treatment or whether you need or more intense sports like massage.

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