Heres whats some of my Lovely clients have sent me

I shall try update this as often as possible with as many reviews as possible but alot more can be always found on facebook

A while ago I was asked to provide a testimonial from a client to appear in a alternative health magazine in America, here is what that client emailed me for the article

Sent 25 Feb 2016

Hey Shane,

As requested, please find my review below:

I suffered a broken back due to a car accident back in 2009. After the accident I had to wear a back brace for a total of 4 months but was relatively lucky and needed no surgery. For some time after I suffered the usual back pain you would associate with such a trauma. After about a year pains started to develop in my hips and legs and the back pain became severe. I was taking lots of high strength nerve blockers and pain killers and extra medication to help me sleep. I had 10 months off work and was struggling to function doing day to day tasks.  I tried acupuncture, physiotherapy, traction and epidurals. None really had the desired affect and most actually made my symptoms much worse.
A friend recommended I try shiatsu therapy and gave me the details for a local therapist. After 6/7 sessions the pain seemed better and reduced the medication I was taking. Soon after I moved out of the area and was faced with finding another therapist. That’s when I stumbled upon Shiatsu Shane. By the time I had found Shane I was back taking medication again for the pain. By the 2nd session I had no more need for the medication. The therapy was reducing the pain to a more manageable level and barely noticed it anymore. After years of chronic pain this was such a relief. My pain in my hips and legs now has gone and only occasionally get a flare up but with regular visit Shane keeps that under control.

Hope the above is what you are looking for? I can edit it if needed?

Should I tell her you cured my fertility issues too ? Lol  shiatsu Shane aka Jesus 🍼😂

Hope you are well… See you Tuesday.

This particular client came to see me most weeks throughout er pregnancy nd I can happily confirm she has since had her baby and both mother and baby are doing excellent


Sent 1/7/14

Shane was recommended to me by my sister, in early 2011. Following events in my personal life, I was struggling to relax and wasn’t sleeping very well. I also had back, neck and shoulder pain from my desk job at work. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive that these issues could be cured with Shiatsu alone. How wrong was I?! After just a couple sessions, I was so relaxed. I found that I was able to unwind much more easily at home, was sleeping soundly at night, and with regular weekly sessions, my back problems eased completely! I’m very glad that my sister recommended Shane’s services – and I would not hesitate in passing my recommendations on to anyone in need of relaxation or pain control. He’s one very talented professional!’ Lisa, Birstall, West Yorkshire


I heard about Shiatsu Shane through my friend. I was suffering from depression to the extent that I had been off work for a few months so my friend mentioned that Shiatsu could help. I had a couple of shiatsu sessions and I really felt that it helped me get back onto the road to recovery. Shane was very thorough, ensuring that he asked exactly the right questions so that he could tailor the massage to my needs. I would definitely recommend Shiatsu Shane to anyone.      

 Miss D.H 


when I came to see you I’d been going through a highly emotional and stressful period in my life. I’d been in a very low place and just having that session relaxed me a little and distracted me for a while from my thoughts. It was nice, and felt really calm and when it was over I felt much more peaceful. I slept better too and just generally felt more at ease and like my mind was a little less hazey.

Miss S.M


 I discovered Shiatsu Shane as a regular visitor to Angel Aura for other treatments. I was still suffering the effects of a car accident in my neck and shoulder and also had very achy knees. I researched a little about Shiatsu and the thought of a massage/treatment whilst still fully clothed made me feel very “comfortable”! So I met Shane for the first time and straightaway felt comfortable with him and the Shaitsu process. As say I had read a little and spoken to Judith from Angel Aura so knew what to expect! Shane took a full health and lifestyle background from me my first treatment was a general one it was also very relaxing. Immediately following this I felt a little achy but also had a feeling of well being! Over the next couple of treatments I began to start to sleep well, feel more relaxed and calmer in my everyday life and my aches and pains were reducing massively and I lost 1.5 stone in weight! I see Shane most weeks if I can, some weeks concentrating on a particular ache or area and other weeks a general relaxation treatment. Shane helped with congestion in my sinuses at the beginning of the hay fever season which has helped my suffering! I still sleep well and have a calmer outlook on life and the aches I have in my knees have improved so much it seems like a miracle! My favourite treatment I think is back neck and shoulder, Shane works right down to my fingers and into my skull … yes I think that’s my favourite! But working on legs is second favourite as I say I have/had very achy knees, they’re not totally cured but 100% better than they were 7 months ago before I discovered Shiatsu Shane! Overall such a great improvement in my physical and emotional well being … I can highly recommend Shiatsu Shane!

Mrs J.H


 Went on Tuesday for my first shiatsu massage, one of the best feelings ever felt so relaxed n slept all night for the first time without wakeing up I highly recommend to anyone 🙂

Mrs B.D


Fantastic results like I’ve never had before with soft tissue massage. Recommend Shane to everyone!!

Mrs S.N


I was advised to go to Shane for my sport injuries as Physio didn’t work. I was suffering with my hip movement and with pains in the front of my lower legs whilst and after training. I had my 1st Dan/black belt grading coming up. I knew I wasn’t going to be capable of enduring this exam with these ailments.

I visited Shane at his home and was nervous to say the least. Shane was very reassuring and professional. I felt very comfortable discussing all aspects of my general health, my ailments and having him use Shiatsu on me. I went to Shane once a week for about 3 months. The movement in my hip became better and the pains in my lower legs stopped. I feel Shane helped get me through my 1st Dan/black belt as I can’t see any other way I’d of got through it with the pain and movement restriction I had.

Thank you so much Shane. I’d highly recommend you.

Miss L.S



2 comments on “Reviews
  1. Green says:

    Where do I start? I feel i benefit massively from my sessions, loosening the tension in my muscles which is a huge build up of our every day busy lives and that is a huge help for me.Shane is very professional, polite and i am 100% sure he has healing hands!My husband always looks forward to his next treatment too and has found this form of massage to be very beneficial. He took some convincing it would help, but with him having a very heavy job he needs this time out and I feel we all should treat ourselves to something very different and special so…
    If you haven’t had a shiatsu massage with Shane you need to try it asap,….it is so relaxing and I find I have a better nights sleep after I’ve had my treatment. Wish I could attend every other day! Thank you

  2. Janette Hall says:

    Let me tell you my Shiatsu story …

    I had a car accident in May 2013 and was suffering from neck/shoulder and knee pain, I was feeling anxious and not sleeping well. I discovered Shatsu in November 2013 when I think I was at a very low time in my life, I had researched it and the fact that I would remain fully clothed (I am a very overweight lady of a certain age!!) made me feel confident and I decided to give it a go!!

    Giving it a go has transformed my life!

    I first met with Shane at the end of November 2013 I was feeling very emotional as my lovely sister and her family were moving to Hampshire that week and to be honest I didn’t know how I would cope … Shane took a full history of my physical and emotional health and even after the first session I had a feeling of wellbeing!

    I started seeing Shane more regularly from then in fact my Shiatsu sessions are a top priority when planning my week … and now 20 months later he is still keeping me fit and well. My pain is greatly improved, my anxiety levels non existent, I sleep well and above all else feel well … don’t get me wrong I still have lapses but as I said earlier Shiatsu has transformed my life!

    I can’t recommend Shiatsu Shane highly enough …

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