Ease neck and shoulder pain

☯️Neck or shoulder pain?
Has to be in the top 3 reasons people come to see me….

☯️Even if it’s not I love to start with the neck helps the body relax and allows me to view your body see what needs to be worked.

☯️During a session I use lots of different techniques that include -palming the muscles. -stretching.
-working pressure points.
Did i mention stretching? 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

☯️I take a whole view of your body and works what needs to worked to ease restriction and imbalance else where.

☯️My technique is a combination of skills and techniques I have learnt over the years combing different forms of shiatsu, with sports massage, fascial stretching, Thai massage, and study of the work done by the likes of Erik Dalton… –
☯️I call my technique sports shiatsu.

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