Shiatsu Photoshoot


My 2nd Photoshoot

Just over 18 months ago I first did a photoshoot with a well known local photographer so I had my own images to use on social media and any print advertising.

For months I’ve been trying to get around to organising a photoshoot so I had some fresh new pictures, and for one reason or another it’s not come off. All of a sudden I manage to pull together 2 photoshoots in 6 days, 2 different models showing get two very different styles of shiatsu.


The first one was done with a local endurance athlete who has competed in many iron man competition’s,  marathons and cycling events. She has been a client of mine for well over a year who uses me to help maintain and fine tune her body.



The photoshoot was excellent and a good bit of fun, my son came with me so he acted as assistant photographer and took behind the scenes footage, which were incredible and I warned Mark the photographer he should watch out as he might have some competition. Although since he’s only 7 he should be okay for now.


These photos were great to show a more physical yang based treatment which  I normally give to fellow athletes such as boxers, MMA fighters, Pro Basketball players, Rugby Players to name just a few. These Sports style Shiatsu treatments are a variety of shiatsu I’ve become very well know for due to their excellent results.

The following week I had the opportunity to work on another client who has been a regular  for a long time, and even though she is also an athlete this photo session was very different as she is 9 months pregnant.


This photoshoot sadly didn’t have my assistant photographer so I had to make do with just the professional. With the shoot we wanted to show the softer Yin side of a shiatsu so a more traditional Zen style  which incorporated softer but more supportive work.


This is an ideal treatment for a pregnant lady or anyone who maybe in a more delicate place so is ideal to help those with  depression anxiety or insomnia, in these treatments we still have an awareness of the muscles however we focus more on the Ki, the meridians we want to connect with the energy and help support then to make it as relaxing as possible.



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