What Is Shiatsu Sports Massage?

What is a Shiatsu Sports Massage?

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A Shiatsu Sports Massage has i believe been coined by me, but dont hold me on that there maybe other shiatsu therapist already doing this.

A Shiatsu Sports massage does what it says on the tin, it combines Shiatsu and sports massage techniques to give the client a truly unique experience and help your body repair and rebuild following either injury or intense training.

A Shiatsu Sports massage just like shiatsu is usually done fully clothed, but performed on a massage table. Usually no oil or lotions are used only if really needed.

A Shiatsu Massage combines various elements to provide you with the best possible results including-

Soft tissue manipulation

Deep tissue Massage

Trigger point therapy

Manipulation of pressure points

Joint mobilization

Myofascial Release Techniques

Soft tissue stretching

Meridian re-balancing

To Name a few, all of these techniques will be used within your treatment to make sure you have the fastest possible recovery time. If you like deep pressure and love to be stretched and pulled about this is the massage for you.


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2 comments on “What Is Shiatsu Sports Massage?
  1. Janette Hall says:

    I think over the year I’ve been going to Shiatsu Shane for treatment I’ve had both treatments adapted to my aches and pains on the day! Can’t recommend Shiatsu and Shane enough x

    • shiatsushane says:

      Thank you Janette and yes your quite right every session is tailed to both the clients and there current needs. Sometimes it maybe a more gentle zen style massage and sometimes its alot more vigorus and sometimes its somewhere in the middle 🙂

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