Rising like a phoenix

As many of you are aware I and along with the girls I worked with suffered a bit of a setback. The building which I was based “Headkandi” was burned down. It’s believed it was arson and is still under going investigation so can’t speak too much about it. Over the 2 years I have worked there it had become my base, my sanctuary to do shiatsu from which I felt very much at home.

I remember on the sunday morning of the fire Kim the owner of Headkandi ringing me to tell me it had been burned down she was very emotional I headed immediately down to see the devastation for myself, I was shocked appalled and numb at what I saw .The building was blackened the windows all smashed, there appeared to be nothing left. I sat for some time in the car in utter shock,  by the time I got home reality was setting in its a matter of weeks before Christmas I have no where to work from no way to earn money Christmas would be ruined not for just me and my family but also for Kim and all the girls I work with.

But by time I’d got home had a good old cup of tea something interesting happened suzan from  blossom tree(a nearby beauty business) had messaged me to offer me one of her rooms I could use for 3 days a week as a temporary base. This was fantastic news, but not only this over the next couple of days offers came flooding in from all over the village from people I didn’t even before I knew it I had 4 or 5 offers on the table.


A couple of days later I met up with all the girls to look at a salon  for us all to move into, ideally I was hoping it would be big enough for us all so we could stick together after all I’d worked with these girls for the past 2 years and consider them my friends and wanted to stay with them. Sadly the treatment room was small and was bang next door to the salon meaning it would be very loud. However it would do for the girls I was faced with a tough decision.

The next day I had arranged a meeting with a local business man who had an idea for me, in his building there was a flat that he used as a crash pad for his trainee barbers from Sheffield.  He offered to rip the flat apart and  build me a treatment room which meant ripping out a kitchen, building a false wall so I have a waiting room. It got  replasted and painted, followed by installing new lighting and a nice thick carpet.

How could I say no?

This would be perfect a nice new clean treatment room built for me. So I signed the contract and with 2 weeks he had it ripped out and rebuilt for me, my very own cosy warm and quiet shiatsu clinic.Screenshot_20161218-090005

As you can see its a beautiful treatment room, I’ve been here a few months now and can see how this is ultimately going to be the making of me, the room is far superior to any treatment room I have previously had, it is warm calm and inviting. And I hope to see you soon both clients new and old.

4 comments on “Rising like a phoenix
  1. Debz says:

    Really pleased you were able to recover so quickly from such a set back

  2. Sue Staples says:

    So sorry to hear of your misfortune Shane but glad to know you are getting sorted. One door closes and all that. All the best.

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