What Is Zen Shiatsu?

Here in my clinic in Dinnington, Sheffield i treat a lot of people with Zen Shiatsu Massage, But 99.9% of the time most people have no idea what Shiatsu is, and why should they Shiatsu isn’t very Yorkshire is it duck?


I often find and so do many therapists shiatsu a difficult thing to really explain. And often find myself saying imagine combining the knowledge of acupuncture with the bestest massage you’ve ever had and well thats kinda what shiatsu is……But its So much More!!!!!

Now Zen Shiatsu again is slightly different from the original Shiatsu of Japan but its more than likely if you book a Shiatsu in the West it will be a Zen Shiatsu.

In Zen Shiatsu we normally start with a Hara diagnosis – this involves palpating around the stomach feeling for the energy underneath to get a diagnosis. We are looking to find the 2  meridians ( energetic pathways-think internal wiring) most out of balance so the one with the least energy in then the one with the most energy in.

We the gently work these meridians which could involve working the back,legs,stomach,arms or head. Focusing on gently encouraging the energy to flow where it is needed.

shiatsu stretch

We use a variety of techniques to achieve this from gentle deep stretches, joint mobilization techniques, gentle localized massage, and lots of gentle but deep static pressure to both the meridians and the pressure points running along them.

This form of massage is very gentle, very relaxing working on every level most clients feel like there floating or dip in and out of sleep.

This kind of massage is ideal for anyone who wants a gentle relaxing massage that also loves stretches. I find it particular helpful for those suffering depression, insomnia and stress.






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