Why is a Shiatsu massage Done on the floor?

Some may find it odd that a Shiatsu massage is done on a futon on the floor.

However the belief is that working on the floor and the lower our base the more we connect to the earth, and that by connecting to the earth but keeping our upper body open we also connect with the heavens thus connecting with yin and yang while giving a treatment.

Or it could be that………………………Back in the day no-one had invented a massage table.

I personally like to mix it up and switch between the table and futon depends on both the clients preference and what kind of session im going for.

For example the pros of working on the futon allow for greater focus on the clients Ki and connection with the pressure points. It also lends for some unique stretches..

The Futon is great for clients who’s focus is energy and have come with help for insomnia, depression or deep relaxation.

The table is great to use as it allows a person to keep the spine  aligned (facehole) . I find this is a great way to work for more sports style orientated sessions, when the focus is more on the muscles and joints and relieving tight muscles.

We each have a preference on receiving our massage either table or futon which do you prefer?




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