Kyo & Jitsu within the element?

A few years ago when I was training one weekend with a well known teacher I was doing a hara diagnosis on him to which he asked the results. I was a little confused and said I must be wrong as I had felt both Kyo and jitsu within the same element.

Let me explain when we do a hara diagnosis we feel with our hands around the belly region known as the hara for energetic imbalances within diagnostic areas. This then helps us form a treatment plan, normally working the meridian with the least energy (kyo) before moving to the meridian with the most energy (jitsu).Screenshot_2016-04-23-09-21-48-1

Now each element has 2 meridians except fire which has 4, and we had been taught both by teachers and what is written in books that you simply do not get the extreme imbalance within an element.  However here I am faced with this imbalance I apologised said I must be wrong I’ve got BL – Kyo & KD – Jitsu?


But to my surprise he said why can’t this be possible?

I had no answer

A couple of weeks went by and I decided to email and ask him his thoughts, this was a little daunting as he is a very experienced teacher a very well educated man and I guess I was afraid and a little intemidated by this man but figured well I’m awesome and better looking.


To my surprise he answered, and his answer blow my mind please read below, since then I hope we have become friends either that or I’m like a bee constantly buzzing around his head sending annoying questions.

So here’s his response give it up for David Home one of my mentors, friends and current head of the Shiatsu Society.

David Home  4/23/2016 ©

Can there be a manifest kyo jitsu interrelationship within a single Element?

The reflections below may not completely answer the question to the satisfaction of all, however, I anticipate they can at least be approached with an open mind, even if they are not necessarily in accord with personal views, as I believe they have a certain value, and I hope will at least stimulate further investigation, contemplation and debate.

When considering an Element it must naturally be remembered that they are not in isolation and when one is out of balance then the ripples reverberate around the circle, or through the cosmological relationship. When examining an Element it is also important to remember that not only is there a yin and yang relationship within them, but that within the yin there is also yang and within the yang there is also yin, and that this sub-division can go on ad infinitum, and, in addition, the skin between them is like an osmotic membrane i.e. the fluids on either side of the membrane may be equal but there is a constant inter-change of molecules, echoing the relationship between yin and yang. Whether balanced or not the relationship is one of exchange and transformation, alive! Could there therefore be an imbalance between yin and yang within an Element? In fact, you might ask is there inevitably an imbalance so that dynamic change occurs, and transformation and development can occur? You could expand the often quoted, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’ by adding, ‘ in order to take the first step it is necessary to lose one’s balance’. Imbalance initiates change, even if it is simply triggered by intention, a state of imbalanced must be passed through.

If this is the case, does this imply there could be an imbalance between associated organs such as Lung and Large Intestine, or Kidney and Bladder etc., and therefore could there also be a relative kyo jitsu disharmony between them as the energies oscillate, and could this sometimes be felt? When palpating down a particular meridian it is not unusual for it to be mentioned that relative kyo and jitsu can be found along the course of the channel, so might this be an echo of possible disharmony with the yin-within-yang and yang-within-yin relationships that exist on all levels, or at least a channel manifestation of the flux underlying the dynamic interplay?

As there are potentially many degrees of kyo and jitsu to be felt, it could be argued that some of these might reside within the same Element, and when palpated a reaction, or energetic rebalancing may take place. This could also happen relatively quickly, and not be overly manifest or overstated due to the closeness of the yin and yang within the Element, which would make it hard to feel; however, this does not signify that the disharmony does not exist. It might be most frequently noticeable in Earth, for example, as Stomach and Spleen are somewhat uncomfortable bedfellows energetically; Stomach descends, tends to overheat and require cooling, while Spleen ascends, feels cold and requires warming regularly etc., and the sense of a kyo jitsu style imbalance may be felt more readily here. All of this suggests that a kyo jitsu relationship can exist in a single Element; although it is unlikely that it would be the most kyo and most jitsu. Therefore, if diagnosis were to be based on this kind of energetic assessment then it might be possible to consider it extremely unlikely to exist within the same Element. However, if diagnosis is to be based on a kyo jitsu reaction that is most evident to the connecting energetic field of the practitioner then it might possibly be felt in a single Element.

This interrelationship of yin and yang may be considered further and become more complex when, for example, looked at from a perspective of one of the concepts in stems and branches where the yin of the Metal might be regarded to support the yang of Water and the yang of Metal to support the yin of Water and so on round the circle, thus creating an interwoven Shen or promotion cycle similar to a double helix, mimicking DNA. This can be seen, for example, when the dynamic courage of G.B., yang Wood, supports and promotes the positive expression of Heart, Yin Fire, and the strategies of master planner Liver, Yin Wood, supports the pure from impure selection processing of S.I., Yang Fire. Or another example, when in grief the collapsing Lung, Yin Metal, weakens and undermines the ability to stand with backbone, Bladder, Yang Water, and prevents seeing/connecting to the outside world (Bl 1= Bright Eyes), while the inability to de-attach, let go and move on, L.I., Yang Metal, erodes the Kidney, Yin Water, exacerbating fear of loss.

The universe of existence is always one of a combination of yin and yang because by definition, if they are separate there is death or dissolving into the void of potential in order to become something new i.e. moving beyond existence to return at a different point in the cycle, in a different form. Energy is therefore not lost, it is transformed; just as kyo and jitsu are transformed, but one might ask, into what?


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