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Rising like a phoenix

As many of you are aware I and along with the girls I worked with suffered a bit of a setback. The building which I was based “Headkandi” was burned down. It’s believed it was arson and is still under

Kyo & Jitsu within the element?

A few years ago when I was training one weekend with a well known teacher I was doing a hara diagnosis on him to which he asked the results. I was a little confused and said I must be wrong

Shiatsu Photoshoot

My 2nd Photoshoot Just over 18 months ago I first did a photoshoot with a well known local photographer so I had my own images to use on social media and any print advertising. For months I’ve been trying to

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Shiatsu Massage? Ask the Doctor

Here in my clinic in Dinnington i treat a wide range or people with a wide range of reasons to come and see me. Some people want a massage to help with some back pain some people come for more

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What Is Shiatsu Sports Massage?

What is a Shiatsu Sports Massage? A Shiatsu Sports Massage has i believe been coined by me, but dont hold me on that there maybe other shiatsu therapist already doing this. A Shiatsu Sports massage does what it says on

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What Is Zen Shiatsu?

Here in my clinic in Dinnington, Sheffield i treat a lot of people with Zen Shiatsu Massage, But 99.9% of the time most people have no idea what Shiatsu is, and why should they Shiatsu isn’t very Yorkshire is it

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Why is a Shiatsu massage Done on the floor?

Some may find it odd that a Shiatsu massage is done on a futon on the floor. However the belief is that working on the floor and the lower our base the more we connect to the earth, and that

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Shiatsu Shane Specialist Massage Therapist

Welcome im Shiatsu Shane, a specialist massage therapist based in Dinnington south Yorkshire. With easy access to Sheffield, Rotherham and Worksop. Shiatsu Is a traditional Japanese massage sometimes referred to as “acupuncture without needles” Personally¬†I like to think of it